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Big Box O' Love Update!

Alright, the update is a few days late, but things have been busy here!

So far, we have 19 letters for the Movement.

Thank you so much to everyone that's sent one in! If you haven't sent yours in, please do so! I don't want to send this with any less than 100 letters! Beg everyone you know to write a letter of support and send it to

**Oh, and as for packaging/sending, what do you guys think of a binder of sorts, with all the letters in plastic divider-type sheets, so they look and remain in nice shape over the years?** Comment with your thoughts.

For a demographics-by-county update:

1 from England
1 from Australia
1 from Israel
1 from Panama
1 from Croatia
11 from the U.S.
3 from Unknown

So please, please send in a letter! We started off with a bang, let's end that way! :)
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