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Cross post, from April 12.

Which HP Mary Sue Are You? (WITH PICTURES)

Native-American Seer and Remus Lupin's One True LoveYou are the exchange student from hell. You are a Ravenclaw, a Seer, a multi-animal Animagus, and you randomly spout very short sentences of deep, Zen-ish philosophy. Remus Lupin confides his lycanthropy to you in 24 hours flat. You are responsible for teaching the Marauders to become Animagi. You will warn the Marauders about the traitor in their midst, you will bring Lily and James together, you will send James to help Snape when Sirius plays the prank because you have Seen this, you will tell Lily the way to defeat Voldemort when he comes after her son In short, you will either forsee or facilitate all major and minor canon events, which is ironic because your author conveniently overlooks the fact that you've never been mentioned in canon despite all that.
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and this is just funny:

Which HP Mary Sue Are You? (WITH PICTURES)

Dumbledore's daughter and Snape's One Twoo Wuvv You are hauntingly beautiful in a familiar way, and have a gift for Healing. You're good enough at potions to have Snape intrigued. You have been brought up as an orphan, and have never known love. Your hair shimmers like autumn leaves, even though autumn leaves do not shimmer. Dumbledore himself does not know of your existence, and you will go to Hogwarts seeking your father, but will find love with a greasy git instead. You will be the cause of Snapes loyalty to the good cause. You will love everyone you see, including Voldemort, which will cause him to spontaneously combust, thus making you the true saviour of the Wizarding World. Then you will decide that you have had enough excitement in life, drop your original intentions and start making multiple Snapey babies.
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And another fun thing, stolen from paddita:

Choose twelve characters from your fandoms, then answer the questions under the link. Do not look at the questions beforehand.

1. Qwill (Fionavar RPG)
2. Wealthow (Beowulf)
3. Fluffy (HP)
4. R2D2 (Star Wars, the real set)
5. Jonathan Strange (JS & Mr. Norrel)
6. George (Grey's Anatomy)
7. Samwise (LOTR)
8. Sunny (Series of Unfortunate Events)
9. Charlie (Lost)
10. Ustess (Narnia)
11. Arthur (The Dragons of North Chittington)
12. Kid (Kagerou)

01. Who would make a better college professor, 6 (George) or 11 (Arthur)? What subjects would they teach?:

Well, since Arthur does teach some other dragons at the end of the book, and George is still going through med-school, I'll go with Arthur.

02. Do you think 4 (R2D2) is hot? How hot?:

Ah ha ha ha. No. Cylindrical andriods just don't do it for me.

03. 12 (Kid) sends 8 (Sunny) on a mission. What is it, and does it succeed?:

Kid sends Sunny on a mission to find the missing cupcakes for a tea party! And Sunny succeeds, using her massive experience in looking for the sugar bowl, her brother's notebook, and her sister's technical cunning. But at the last possible second, Count Olaf, who was previously in this quiz, reappears, disguised as a teddy bear in the tea party, and runs off with the cupcakes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everyone else wonders why the tea party was missing a sugar bowl and Sunny makes more cupcakes using her cullinary skills.

04. What is or would be 9's (Charlie's) favorite book?:

Ooohm. That book that's getting sued about being a fictionalized biography? Since I can't remember the name of it House of Leaves .

05. Would it make more sense for 2 (Wealthow) to swear fealty to 6 (George), or the other way around?:

Being that Wealthow is a queen, I think it would make more sense that George would swear fealty to her. However, his fealty does not mean that he will break the Hippocratic Oath.

06. For some reason, 5 (Jonathan Strange) is looking for a roommate. Should s/he share a studio apartment with 9 (Charlie) or with 10 (Ustess)?:

Well, Charlie would be able to help Strange research maddness, and Ustess would possibly be able to bring Strange into Narnia, where magic is alive. I guess it would be better to go with Charlie and his drugs than Ustess, if only because Charlie might be able to pay rent sometimes, and Ustess is dead.

07. 2 (Wealthow), 7 (Samwise), and 12 (Kid) have dinner together. Where do they go, and what do they discuss?:

They would originally go to a nice steak place, but Kid would start crying and freaking out cuz he's a vegan that can hear animals scream. Then they'd go to some funky new age vegan resteraunt with a techno dance floor. They'd all be able to discuss the time that they had to fight monsters.

08. 3 (Fluffy)challenges 10 (Ustess) to a duel. What happens?:

...Ustess throws Fluffy a dog biscuit, Fluffy relents. Then Ustess goes on to try to find out if Fluffy is a Talking Animal, and tries to convert him to Christianity through alligory.

09. If 1 (Qwill) stole 8's (Sunny's) most precious possession, how would (s)he get it back?:

If, for some reason, Qwill felt like stealing Sunny's siblings all she'd have to do to get them back is ask nicely. Now, he'd lead her on a twisting tale of daring and childhood fondness, but she'd still get them back in the end.

10. Suggest a title for a story in which 7 (Samwise) and 12 (Kid) both attain what they most desire.:

"How the Elves Bring Mental Stability Through Gardening"

11. What kind of plot device would you use if you wanted 4 (R2D2) and 1 (Qwill) to work together?:

Mabry calls me up one day and says, "We're writing a Star Wars/Fionavar story. Hop to it!" We would later find out that 1)Qwill is Darth Vadar, 2) He built R2D2 and then the robot forgot about him, 3) Rothwyn is Obi Wan Kanobi, 4) R2D2 is really Clarence in disguise, 4) Regis and Errdra kissing is gross.

12. If 7 (Sam) visited you for the weekend, how would you get along?:

I think we'd get on well enough. We'd talk about books, food, travel, monsters, and then I'd take him out to Applebee's and eventually head over to Lowe's so he can get some stuff for Rosmerta and the Shire.

13. If you could command 3 (Fluffy) to perform any one task or service for you, what would it be?:

I'd ask Fluffy to work with us at Necropolis in October. He could be a real Hell Hound.

14. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw 11 (Arthur)?:

No, no one draws Arthur, although some of my friends do draw other, nameless dragons.

15. If 2 (Wealthow) had to choose sides between 4 (R2D2) and 5 (Jonathan Strange), which would it be?:

Jonathan, I think. I'm not sure Wealthow would see R2D2 as anything other than a monster. She might even think that Strange had conjured it.

16. What might 10 (Ustess) shout while charging into battle?:

"For Narnia!" while thinking "I wish I was a dragon right now!"

17. If you chose a song to represent 8 (Sunny), which song would you choose?:

"How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?"

18. 1 (Qwill), 6 (George), and 12 (Kid) are having dim sum at a Chinese restaurant. There is only one scallion pancake left, and they all reach for it at the same time. Who gets to eat it?:

George. Kid would be trying to save it and ask its forgiveness. Qwill would just reach into his Bag of Everything and make everyone Rhubix Cube Shakes.

19. What might be a good pick-up line for 2 (Wealthow) to use on 10 (Ustess)?:

"I'm a queen and you're too young."

20. What would 5 (Jonathan Strange) most likely be arrested for?:

Being shrowded by eternal darkness without a permit.

21. What is 6's (George's) secret?:

Well, I hear he and Grey get it on in Season 2, so that must be his secret from both Dr. McDreamy and George's girlfriend.

22. If 11 (Arthur) and 9 (Charlie) were racing to a destination, who would get there first?:

Arthur. He can Fly man. He. Can. Fly.

(23 has taken a leave of absence. There's always a question missing on these.)

24. 1 (Qwill) and 9 (Charlie) reluctantly team up to save the world from the threat posed by 4's (R2D2) sinister secret organization. 11 (Arthur) volunteers to help them, but it is later discovered that 11 (Arthur) is actually a spy for 4 (R2D2). Meanwhile, 4 (the driod) has kidnapped 12 (Kid) in an attempt to force their surrender. Following the wise advice of 5 (Jonathan Strange), they seek out 3 (Fluffy), who gives them what they need to complete their quest. What title would you give this fic? Name three people on your friends list who might read it. Name one person who should write it.

"Dog Leads Blind Justice."
Belegwen might read it, as would evilbobrex and overbomb. I think I'm the only one who knows who Arthur is, so I'd have to write it.

25. If you had to walk home through a bad neighbourhood late at night, would you feel safer in the company of 7 (Samwise) or 8 (Sunny)?:

Despite Sunny's sharp bite, I'd feel safer with Sam.
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