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Are you tired of the fandom?

So are we. This community is in full support of J.K. Rowling, Half-Blood Prince, and every other issue that this fandom (which used to be such a great place) has a problem with.

We're tired of the ungrateful way that the Harry Potter fandom is behaving, and for once and for all, we want to make it clear:

We support Jo Rowling, and we support the canon.

Please introduce yourselves, under one of the introduction-specific moderator posts. We don't want to intro-SPAM everyone. :)

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by the wonderful prongsie

And yes, we're the ones bringing forth the:

The Big Box O’ Love Movement

In support and love, we are all writing a letter to her. To show our undying support, to let her know that we’re so thankful for all the work and creativity that’s gone into her very canon series. Anything you want to say, as long as it isn’t “DIE DIE DIE”, is fine by me.

Some things to take into consideration when writing your letter:

a] Length: I’d say.. aim for no more than a page. If you have a lot to say, I’ll just reset the margins when I print all the letters off.
b] This is not about shipping. Feel free to mention it, but please, don’t make your whole letter about how your ship sailed and that’s why you’re happy – I’m sure that applies to none of us, but.. can’t be too careful!
c] Include a little about yourself: age, what country you’re from, if you’re students, parents, what drew you to the series. I think we should stress how different we all are, to fairly represent the unique fandom.
d] Thanks and gratitude. Or doodles. :D
e] Oh, and grammar and punctuation, but that goes without saying. (Sorry, I was an English major!)

If you are interested in donating a letter, please send them to paddita@hotmail.com

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